Wig regimen can save your hair if done right.. 

So I noticed a lot of women find comfort in owning as many wigs as possible for versatility. I’ve always been skeptical now I’ve joined the family because I want to have a better access to my hair than I have with weaves.

In this post I’m going to explore all the good things about owning a wig and how to use this wig correctly without damaging the hairline.

So what inspired this big move is the idea of having different hairstyles in a short space of time without manipulating my hair. I know there are a lot of low manipulation hairstyles out there but this is worth a trial.

Opportunity to keep my hair in thick braids and african threads. This is very important to me because back then before I even relaxed my hair, growing up my mom would always keep my hair in these threads and honestly they stretch my hair out very well. My ends will be threaded too so my hair is basically safe in these threads.

Protein and oil treatments when I feel like.  Again this is an important step in my transition. I want to make sure the new growth that I’m getting is rich in protein and all the properties that are contained in these oils so that I end up with strong hair. So the motive is to do these treatments at least once a week. Its not ideal to have these treatments twice a week like most people say because with natural hair  or at least with my hair I tend to wash it once a month. I dont want to wash it often because my hair will  be stripped off of its natural oils. So after I treat the hair and let the oils marinade in the hair I put it back in plaits or my african threads.

Making the wig is quite an enjoyable process. This is mostly because you make it to suit your own needs and just how you want it… its definetly a great feeling and experience because you dont have to break the bank also. I would say it is quite innovative. You get to make it to your taste and hey if it doesn’t come out properly then you are to blame.

Saving those edges. Obce someone mentions a wig theres always that doubting Thomas who thinks its bad news to the edges but if done right, no its not. I always  wear my wig with caution and I place it just before the hairline. This could have been better if I take a video but I wil make one on how to save edges with wigs one day.

Some pictures of when I wore this wig…

So I hope this was an inspiration to some hair enthusiasts looking to find a new regimen that is fun and versatile. Just make sure you sew down the wig on your cornrows because it might fall off and who wants that drama. I’m  loving it so far, I can spritz spray and massage. That is a girls’ dream right there. If you found this helpful go ahead and share,like this post and follow.. join the family because there is so much more to experience with hair. Happy hair growing.

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  1. Great post! Like you, I am all for protein and oils in a hair care regimen, which is why I just started an oil series. And I just purchased my first wig as well, can’t wait till it gets here. Yours is lovely!

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