why you need a spritz bottle…

I am so happy I got to know about this method to keep hair hydrated and moisturized without  having to wet the whole head. If you did not know about this then let me tell you its a little savior to girls who are transitioning and those who already have natural hair. However, i started doing this way before i had thoughts of leaving my hair natural and it still worked well with relaxed hair so no one will be left out here.

Hair is in its best condition when it is hydrated and moisturized. Ageing causes the pace for natural oil production to slow down which will eventually lead to dry skin then dry hair and who wants that??? So to make sure you have hair in its best condition you need to own a little spritz bottle which contains water. emphasis on WATER!!!

So this bottle does not have to be crazy big, you can just use a little empty spray bottle if you can’t purchase one. You can still buy an empty spritz bottle from your local pharmacy. Clean it up ofcourse….. so for the contents I am going to give examples of what  I have used so far.

  • You need to fill the bottle with 1/3 water
  • 2tsp amla oil  (great oil used by Indians for ages though the smell might be too strong so this is totally up to you)
  • coconut oil ( from my personal experience, i swear by this oil but a tsp is enough)
  • conditioner of choice ( just make sure it does not have harsh ingredients)
  • olive oil ( this is a must have,  and it should be extra virgin olive oil.)

shake the bottle before use, you know water and oil naturally don’t mix so a shake will do the trick.

You can spritz when your hair is braided with cornrows, weaves or when you have your hair out.

I use only a few ingredients because too much will weigh the hair down. You can use other oils in place of the oils I just listed because those are the oils that work best for me and we might have different experiences. What I can assure you is it needs dedication because you should spray your hair with it if possible on a daily basis. Trust me at first I just could not do it but really there is no other fun thing to do than this. You will feel like a pro busy mixing up your own ingredients for a hairspray. Oh and another great thing is, its like making your own all natural hair product with no harsh ingredients like you would probably find in a normal hairspray. So here you go….


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