What is in my hair at the moment current regimen

Just a quick update on what I have in my hair at the moment. 

  • So currently I have a short weave sewn in full cover.  My hair underneath is in thick cornrows.
  • Before installing the weave i preped it, i will give full details on that on another blog post.
  • Im still using virgin hair fertilizer because I need to do a six month review on it but so far so great.
  • I have also incorporated guava water as a spritz to just switch up my regimen and try new things whilst keeping my hair hydrated. I will give an update on my results.
  • Please note.. I am very strict with my regimen so these products I apply more than thrice a week to get the full benefits. If you are to try these regimens you will also have to be strict to at least have a close to similar result.
  • Also note that I always have weaves in my hair because that is one of my go to hairstyles in my transitioning journey. Transitioning can be a lot of work because the chances of leaving my hair out are close to zero.
  • The period I intend to leave it in is not more than 6-8 weeks.
  • With this regimen I always see results after every takedown no joke. So if you’re intrested feel free but be consistent.  With that said, happy hair growing and hair transitioning. Your hair is your crown and 50% of your confidence is in the way you look. Stay tuned for more blog posts. Like, comment and follow.  Stay blessed.

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