Tips for transitioning to natural hair..

So here’s my quick tips for every woman out there trying  to transition hair to its natural state. I’m so excited and I’m ready to just get started. 

  1. So the best way is to use weaves with no leave out to protect all of your hair or wigs it all depends with your preference. You can still a natural looking parting by using the invisible method or buying lace front weaves , the possibilities are endless. Braids can work too but you have to be someone who knows the real way to do it without damaging the hairline. Crotchet braiding is a good option for braids.
  2. Ditch the thin combs for bigger combs. Detangling will become the norm of the day and small combs will lead to hair loss instead of a good detangle. You can finger detangle instead.(but your fingers must be clean too)
  3. Deep conditioning is key. Leave in conditioners may work as well including natural products like castor, olive and amla oil. But these oils should be washed out often to avoid product build up.
  4. Invest in a good oil that also thickens hair and gives it volume like castor oil . I use vatika.
  5. Be gentle on the edges. Avoid too much tension when braiding.( your hairstyles will be limited if you dont have edges)
  6. Protein treatments are necessary. Incorporating eggs in your protein mask will make it rich.
  7. Try to minimize heat use. Heat can damage your hair especially when applied on that line of demarcation because it is most prone to damage . It can also damage your natural curl pattern.
  8. Moisturise and seal. Coconut oil is my best sealant some prefer shea butter which I am yet to try.

The most obvious would be to stop chemical treatments.. no more relaxer… or else whats the point right…

Personally im patient enough to transition out my hair instead of the big chop method. But it motivates me to keep my hair in plaits which i love. I hope this post helped you in journey to transition to natural hair and also learn to love your new growth. Stay blessed and look out for more posts.

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