Story time: Reasons for transitioning to natural hair.

It’s a good day to tell a story, this could inspire someone or not but basically my aim is to show that I have had quite an experience with my hair journey. This generation is definitely going through a racial revolution. Black women are becoming more and more comfortable wearing their hair without being pressured to cover up their lovely kinks. This is great but what about that someone who just decided to transition back to her hair’s natural state and it has nothing to do with race or anything like that.

So my hair journey started in 2013 but i just decided that I don’t really like my hair texture and maybe I would prefer it in its natural state. After a full transition which took me roughly two years, I was so excited to try some hairstyles and play around with this hair. That did not go so well, I put a comb in my hair and it just would not go through, it was like I was combing a field of little wires. It was that bad, I could not believe that it was unsuccesful, but I had to do something quick and fix it so I had to retouch my hard earned natural hair.

So 2014 i was back to that relaxed hair. I wasn’t enjoying it so I kept my hair plaited, invested in different oils which i’d use for my avocado diys twice a week. I was serious this time but though it took time I actually saw my hair grow to cover my back.. However, there was still one problem. My hair wasn’t thick, I did not like how it looked, it just reached a certain length but didn’t necessarily cover my shoulders because it was thin. I wanted it to be thick and have a head full of hair with a good length. The worst thing is that whenever I had a retouch my hairline kept suffering and my scalp would burn within five minutes, I mean what is the point. So with these reasons I had to go back to my natural hair and be well researched this time. I did not decide to follow a trend because there is a form of racial liberation going on. I did it due to experiences with my hair. Up to now I don’t find anything wrong with relaxed hair but I am simply doing what works best for my hair.

There is also a reason to why I prefer transitioning out the hair, it keeps me motivated to keep my hair in plaits until the process is fully complete. This time it has definitely taken longer to transition out than before but my hair is still healthy and still well taken care of.

This was a different kind of post from what I usually do but I hope you enjoyed it. keep your healthy and till my next post…..

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