Say goodbye to itchy scalp…

Here are my tried and tested remedies to avoid an itchy scalp without breaking the bank…

  1. Lemon …. whenever you prepare your hair masks a spoon or two of lemon juice can help to fight an itchy scalp. When hair is in plaits you can use a  clean cotton ball and dip in the juice then dab on scalp. Lemons have an anti-inflammatory  effect on scalp which will fight the itchiness.  However it will cause your hair to lose its natural colour when used continuously so beware  of that.
  2. Apple cider vinegar. … the key to this ingredient is dilution.. fill a cup with water halfway through the cup then finish up the rest with the apple cider vinegar.  It should be diluted because it has a burning sensation on scalp. Its function is to destroy the fungus that leads to a dry and itchy scalp due to its malic acid content.It will also balance the pH level of the scalp .You can store a little container with the mixture in the shower for a quick rinse or use it as a spritz for twice a week. Dandruff that is accompanied by bleeding and a disturbing or unusual odour can be treated by massaging the mixture on affected areas.
  3. Always maintain a clean scalp, clean brushes and hair combs. The reason for your scalp irritation may be the presence of dirt so keeping hair clips and gadgets clean is a necessity.
  4. Ditch the chemicals. .. cause at times they may contain ingredients that are harsh on your scalp. Instead commit to diy masks and natural hair straightening techniques. Some shampoos contain salicylic acid which strips off the natural oils of your hair that are responsible for bringing the moisture and avoid the flaking. So read your labels on hair products before purchasing. ( this is a good reason not to wash hair frequently to avoid dry scalp and dull hair since the repeated process will strip off natural hair oils).

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