No I dont use shampoo and I love it!

Throughout the years of studying what goes well with my hair I finally came to the conclusion that our own soap from africa is great for my hair. Honestly I don’t ask for more because I am now settled. Most of you may have heard about the African Black soap, dudu osun. 

Why you should use dudu osun

  • Its all natural . It has shea butter which is great to seal in moisture. Contains honey which strengthens hair follicles and gives healthy growth. Aloe vera works as a conditioner and an aid to cure dandruff. It also promotes hair growth and leaves it smooth and shiny. Lime juice fights dandruff  also and promotes hair growth.
  • It has a great scent. I think this is due to the potash content so it has that after the rain smell…
  • I noticed that this soap does not dry out my hair which is a big deal to me. Instead it conditions it.
  • It lathers very well so a little goes a long way. ( dont leave it on a wet surface it dissolves very fast)
  • I’ve switched up my wash day routine and now it does not include shampoo just my dudu osun and a deep conditioner my hair will become manageable then im ready for a new hairstyle.

In case you’re wondering,  yes I have used it on my face.  It works well, you can see an improvement but it will make your skin darker. I’ve noticed im not the only one who had that experience, other people’s feedbacks claim to have noticed a darker skin tone than usual unless If you dont mind but I do.

If you are experiencing problems with dry hair due to your shampoos you can turn to this product. It’s a little blessing.

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