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Happy new year and compliments of the new season. Most say new year new things and its true. Apart from other resolutions set for this year I  also take pride in setting some goals for my hair and well being in general. There is obviously that area that you did not do well in but a new year is a new beginning. So today I have set some resolutions of what  to achieve concerning  hair health, beauty and wellness.

  • ocus more on hair health..

This may seem usual but it is by far the hardest thing to do. Mostly we get carried away by wanting more length and end up ignoring the health of the hair.  A blogger can start promoting a product that has harmful ingredients and just cause the lengths that are promised is exactly what you have been dreaming of. Generally its just difficult because everyone desires length at the expense of the hair’s health.

  • water therapy..

This may sound off but water plays a very important part in hair health and health. It has always been hard for me to be consistent with my water intake. Water has very important functions in your body which includes preventing dehydration, it also helps clear blemishes on your face and all the important things your body needs.

  • less heat or no heat

This is another problem area. Heat can damage the hair and it also hard for some to just stop using it right away. I love heat and I like to straighten my hair first before I do a length check so that it’s accurate, that is what I think but for this year this should not matter this is one habit that should be left in the past.. so as it seems I am going to start off with a no heat challenge to achieve healthy and damage free hair…

  • review good products

Reviewing products is not easy and every time I move to the next product to review I may still be hooked on the previous product if it was that good. What it means to have a good review is that the product you are reviewing will not damage your hair in the process, is affordable, is the product that most people are asking about so the review will answer most people’s questions. Basically, it should be helpful and not only  bring out the good side of a product but the bad side also so that  there is a level of honesty. Meeting all these standards is a goal to make sure when you come on this platform, questions are answered.

With that said , let us take on this year with these goals,, they are a few but that way it is not overwhelming but it is possible.. extreme goals are unrealistic at times. stay tuned for more posts and product reviews. have a blessed month, year and happy hair growing.



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