my struggle with acne and tissue oil to the rescue…

Acne has been a huge struggle for me and I have learnt quite a few things to keep it at bay. It is very unfortunate that whenever you try to research on how to treat or avoid acne, you see a person with super gorgeous skin. I just feel discouraged because this is a person with flawless skin already i want someone who i can relate to. If you feel this way, I get you a 100%.

So I had my worst breakout in 2014 and I was still in  high school. It was the worst experience ever because it shattered my confidence and confidence is a big deal to me. I decided to fight it and I got some products.. Honestly I would buy different products from different brands and I would just mix up everything, I really didn’t know what I was doing. After these fruitless efforts I gave up and stopped using any facial bars, no lie, I was washing my face with simply water.


Its really a lot I can say but I just can’t wait to tell you how tissue oil saved me.A lot of people had recommended it to me but when I say I was exhausted with trying out these products. I had given up entirely. So i did my research and it seemed to me like it was a miracle product. I got a 200ml bottle and I started seeing results in just 2 weeks. My skin tone changed, my face was brightening up and to my surprise I would even get compliments. I thought they were mistaken. The oil has a faint smell which was great because I am not a fan of strong smells. I researched on the ingredients list and it contains mostly natural ingredients so it is very safe to use and i had no side effects.

Personally, it gave me a healthy looking skin and it is now soft. I am left with a few marks but I believe it did its job which is to improve the appearance of scars and marks.That is very important to note because some people will rush to buy and become very disappointed when their scars do not totally disappear. Also, it is so important that you use it twice or thrice a day, you have to be dedicated to see some good results. (my skin is not perfect, i still have the blemishes but some have disappeared entirely and some simply faded. It remains a very sensitive skin which requires special care.


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  1. I think if u keep using it the stubborn marks will gradually go. Looks like u have done well so far so thumbs up to your acne remedy

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