My experience with virgin hair fertilizer

Hey there…Today I’m excited to share with you my great experience with virgin hair fertilizer.Honestly I knew about this product several years ago. To be exact I was still in grade school, my cousin sister used it and it made her hair thick. I tried stealing some but it was just a wrong move because I thought my head was going to melt. Tjo.  It was my first experience with peppermint and mmm anyway lets skip to the present, all grown up and not scared to try new things,heyy kk.

So I just remembered that apart from all the products that i have tried out it is only one product i know that is completely magical. Because of the time frame I honestly thought this product was now history but to my surprise, I went to a local beauty store and purchased the smaller tube just for trial(not about to waste my money on a large tube,, no!!!!) So yea, i had a weave at that time which I loved, had my curly hair going on .. so I applied it every single day for two weeks. On Youtube they were claiming that even in a week you will start to see results and I just rolled my eyes like lies you tell…
Anyway lets get to the part i took down my weave.. I was singing songs because i had come to the conclusion that my hair will never be thick… this is absolutely a fertilizer and I had so much volume from my hair it was just giving me liiiiife. I took a before and after picture..the length is ok I cant complain but I’m aiming for longer than what I got so will keep you posted on this journey. And ladies if you want thick hair this is the go to product and start as soon as possible, you can apply everyday in your protective style ofcourse and experience soft, voluminous and lustrous hair. It is great for naturalistas and those who are transitioning like me.. I swear by this product though you will have to move past the smell and the greasy content. Just break the rules a bit, it was hard for me at first but now I’m the crazy one.

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  1. Girl l knew that hair before, but what I’m seeing now is a miracle! I am buying that fertilizer with immediate effect!

  2. Hey Gigi, loving your thick healthy hair. I need a fix to my thin brittle hair. Send me the tube so I can look for it from this end.

  3. Hi please how do you incorporate it into your regimen. Is it after your spiritz ? And do still apply any other cream or oils?

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