Let’s talk amla

I know this may not be the first time you have heard of amla. But with all due respect to those who haven’t or think they don’t know enough, then thank God for me cause im in the mood to talk amla today.
First and foremost,  amla is a fruit also known as the Indian gooseberry and the name also suggests where it originates. Most Indian women swear by it. I remember when I was starting out on my hair journey I used to watch many Indian youtube videos and came across this oil. From what it seems it is definitely the secret to black hair.

Having used this oil myself I can say that I get most compliments on how my hair is soo black.. I also feel that it is essential because when I am serious with these diy deep conditioning I add ingredients such as lemon to fight dandruff which tends to alter your hair color. So the amla oil will work as my natural remedy for black hair. I mean, have you seen how most Indian women have really black black hair. I live for that,  hands down I’m here for it.

Well besides the black colour it definitely adds shine to your hair. I think this matters to me because my hair looks really healthy and well taken care of with this oil.

I can add that it is my go to oil for hot oil treatments. I just think it is a good oil for head massages and another good thing is it glides through the scalp easily so even a teaspoon is enough for the whole head. If  it’s more than this it will start flowing down to my face and neck which is not pleasant so it kind of helps me when im saving up my oils. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who  doesn’t want to end up with oils running down the neck and face so we should click on this one.

I know I’ve been acting like I dont know the main resaon why people use these oils but this specific oil didn’t do any justice when it came to hair growth. Its not a big deal though because hair health before growth right. Some people swear by it but my advise is yes always try out these hair growth remedies but don’t be disappointed when it doesn’t work for you like it worked for the girl in the video. Our hair types are different and generally what my hair responds very well to at times won’t be what your hair will love. So be patient. I didn’t get discouraged when I noticed I keep buying amla oil but I dont see any hair growth like the indian lady in the video. Instead I noticed where its really doing wonders and thats my hair colour and shine and also my hot oil treatments so I just let it do that and leave hair growth for the products that work well with my hair. Let me tell you, I’ve never been happier.


I have a picture up there of the oil but at first I used the dabur amla oil. I decided to switch it up because the scent was too strong. I feel uncomfortable knowingmI’m the source of a bad odour when im around people so I looked for the one thats got a faint smell. I can’t say its good but its definetly better than dabur.

Most of these Indian hair remedies have really helped me in a lot of hair issues. All in all amla is an essential in my hair routine. Though I don’t apply it all the time   because I dont want to confuse my hair with products to the extent that I end up not knowing what is really working. Due to that my amla oil comes out on wash day or when prepping my hair for african threading . yes african threading … will talk about that some other time. This might be a little bit lengthy but I hope it helped. Stay blessed and happy hair growing….


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