How I maintained my curly synthetic weave for more than a month.!

  •  A lot of women out there know curly synthetic weaves are gorgeous but the struggle is real when it comes to maintanence. It took me a  while to master this hairstyle cause I am so obsessed with big curly hair but had no clue whatsoever on how to keep it in for longer. Anyway lets get to it,

  • First I bought a packet of outre weave and this pack fits the whole head and after installing this weave I had some leftovers which I kept for later use
  • I never went to sleep without wearing my bonet. Curls are more prone to losing shape so this helped me to avoid such.
  • This is very important… I bought a curly weave braid spray. This is is most important because it will sustain the curls  and its a very specific moisturizer targeted for curls either on weaves or on natural hair. You can purchase a brand of your choice but I bought a local brand called magic waves and from the name it truly is magical.. it had a creme and a spray but they both worked really well.a spritz every morning made my curls come back to life.
  • Third week it was getting harder. I had to start trimming the weave to avoid knots at the end.. then after trimming apply conditioner mixed with water..I saw this method on youtube but the process is very daunting. Cz you have to do this in sections to make sure all the hair is given equal attention. No choice though..good thing is it realy works just make sure youre trimming not cutting because there’s a difference.. cutting will alter the shape of your weave completely.  You can watch some youtube videos to get an idea.
  • Fourth week I made use of those leftovers and it covered the front up to the mid section of my whole head so it revived my weave again and I went on for another 2 weeks.. I loved how the leftovers  covered a larger portion which was very convenient I must say…
  • The first three weeks I never styled the weave.. I simply left it like that but after that the ends were beginning to knot I started using a hair pin to pin the hair at the back..
  • I ddnt wash my weave cause I got cold feet on washing a synthetic weave.
  • I also took care of my hair underneath the weave. I used a moisturiser on my scalp once a week and used virgin fertilizer for haiair growth and results have been great so far.
  • I avoided putting different or too much product on the weave because that would have caused product build up and made it look dull (I am not having that).
  • This is a pic i took on the the third week.​

I gurantee you these tips will sustain your weave and rock your hairstyle for longer. . Just dont aim to keep it in for a crazy long time that it starts looking like a sack.. really that is not attractive. Thats when you should know its time to let your real hair out, treat it and get a new hairstyle.. feel free to share if you have more tips on maintaining curly weaves. Besides that if you feel this post was informative be sure to hit the like button. And also follow my page for more on hair..

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