I love the feeling of confidence and knowing that I look presentable. I believe good, healthy and long hair brings confidence to a woman. Beauty itself brings confidence to a woman and how you carry yourself. Fortunately my name is also Grace which despite its Christian meaning, is defined as simple elegance and refinement of movement so it inspired the name for my blog. What inspired me the most is being independent and knowing that i can only be satisfied with something when i do it myself. Due to this i do my own hair and I love it. I am usually searching for hair videos on youtube and i got inspired by tastepink who had multiple videos on protective styling as well as peakmill who is from Nigeria, not forgetting Carol Nyazika from Zim. I am 22 years of age and I love nature and food. Currently I am in Law school but whenever I get some time on my  hands i will use it to share with you some great tips and also my hair journey.

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