Faux locs……yay or nay

So we all know faux locs have been trending for quite some time now and I admit I am one of those girls who are forever crushing on it. Luckily my little sister loves them also and was ready for a trial. So I wanted to give them a try and see if they really are worth the hype. So I will just give a slight breakdown on what you need and just the process..

  • Good choice of hair to use(marley hair, kanekalon hair, yarn). I decided to use brazil wool because from what it seems it’s really trending.
  • You can also use kanekalon hair for braiding which is what I used for the box braids.
  • The rule is you braid with the kanekalon hair get all the hair braided at least and you dont have to finish up to the ends of the braids. So you braid it halfway and then start wrapping with wool.
  • Burn the ends using a lighter or candle whatever you feel comfortable to use.
  • Note that this method is quite tiresome and takes hours . …

So with that said, i realy love how this turned out. This is a hairstyle i would also want for myself because it gives you that african sister feeling. Thats crazy but it just makes you feel like you have thick locs without going through all the hustle of having them naturally. Hope you give it a try too but also stay tuned cause I will be doing a little piece on how you can style them.

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