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Hey there, it had been a while and a busy period due to my exams but I’m free now and all I could think of is my next posts. So let’s get to it and correct some areas you are probably doing wrong or not doing at all.  Today I am going to give you some tips on how to have the best results from your oil treatments. I could tell you about which oils exactly but that would be for another day.


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Most popularly used oils include castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil to mention a few. They have great health benefits that promote good health for the hair and hair growth. However, to make them more effective they should be heated up. This is an easy process but just don’t use the microwave, it is definitely not your friend. The microwave will strip off the nutrients in the oils and all the effort will amount to nothing. The key to maintain all the minerals is to heat up some water, pour it in a cup, then dip the bottle of oil in the cup. The oil should be warm enough but not too hot to burn your scalp. The heat makes the treatment effective as it stimulates blood flow. The more blood flow you receive closer to your hair follicles will promote hair growth. I have used this method for years and my hair looks healthy which I love.


It should be a maximum of 24hours, anything more than that is simply promoting dirt instead of hair growth.


For moisture, you should wear a shower cap. Some wrap their hair with a plastic wrap first then shower cap on top for maximum moisture. Moisture will make the hair cuticles absorb the natural oils which is our aim. Some use a hot towel for steaming to make the hair effectively absorb the oils. Note that the towel used must not be too hot or else it will burn your scalp.


Since these are oils, they will become greasy if used consistently. Once or twice a week is enough. More than this might lead to excess oil on your scalp which will attract dirt.


This is one statement I wish I knew when I first started out doing my hot oil treatments. I would just pour the oil in my hair thinking if I put more I will have longer hair but that was very silly. 2 tablespoons in each use should be enough. So if you are using different oils at the same time make sure they all amount to 2 tablespoons to avoid oil dripping down to your face, neck and clothes. Hair staff should stay in the hair not anywhere else.


Massaging the scalp with the oils is key. After applying the oils in the scalp massage it in the hair. Good thing is the massages are also relaxing and it will bring the blood flow closer to your hair follicles as well. This is an ancient method of promoting hair growth practiced over centuries. You can massage the scalp for 5 minutes and that will be it.


Use a mild shampoo to rinse off the oils when you have treated it for a while and to avoid dryness. Some prefer to keep the oils in for  a short period and wash it off.  Whatever you do, make sure you wash it off or else it won’t be effective.

I hope this post will enlighten you on where you were doing it wrong and start having effective oil treatments for healthier and stronger hair.




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