Completely change your wash day routine with the new Tresemme botanique shampoo and conditioner.

It has been a while since my last blog post but I’m back. I’m excited to share this routine for my wash days along with the product I used.It seems to be working well for me so far so I thought I should share.
I know I once shared on how I avoid using shampoos as much as possible and preffered using the African black soap. Right now I haven’t been able to purchase one so I had no choice but to wash my hair with shampoo. I had reached almost two months without washing my hair and I couldn’t go any longer.I had to do something. So below is a list and details  of the important things about this routine and a quick review on this product.

  • Trying out the tresemme coconut milk and aloe vera shampoo and conditioner.

I decided to try this brand out because I always see people buying it and to me that is a way to show that it could be good. It bugs me that I had to try out the shampoo too because I’m still skeptical. It was a walk in the park after all, I just made sure I washed the hair in one direction to avoid tangles then finished off with the conditioner which I fell in love with more than the shampoo.  I could feel that my hair is getting soft and having natural hair its a dream to have soft hair. I was expecting it though because back in the day I once made my own conditioner using coconut milk that I made from scratch and the result was great. It’s a long time back but I remember it up to now because it was that good. However, it was my first time using anything infused with aloe vera and I think that I will have to try using it on its own without mixing it to really see its effects and see what it does on its own.

  •  Wash hair in cornrows or braids.

This worked well for me compared to washing my hair when its not plaited. My hair becomes extremely tangled and dry so since it was in cornrows I didn’t have to deal with that. My second attempt was with a weave installed thats when I used my Tresemme new botanical shampoo and conditioner, aloe vera and coconut milk collection.

  • If you have natural hair or transitioning, use generous amount of product.

With time you will see that natural hair requires more product than relaxed hair. At first you may use a little bit of shampoo but it may not even lather so just use a decent amount. You should do this also with conditioner to make sure all the hair is saturated in conditioner.

  • Use warm water first then rinse with cold water.

This is a technique I always questioned back then when I used to get my hair done at the saloon. After some research I even noticed some encouraging to use warm water to open the shafts of your hair and absorb the product well. So since then I would do the same.

  • When you take down your hairstyle, treat hair in sections.

Since I had shampooed my hair I knew when I’d finally take down the hairstyle it would be dry so I had to do something to soften it and make it manageable. I worked in small sections, in each section I sprayed warm water  to open the shafts and applied shea butter working through the roots to the ends. I made sure all the shea butter is evenly distributed through the hair. I parted the hair in smaller sections and massaged my t444z hairfood on my scalp then combed the section and put the hair in african threads. I did the same for every other section in my head.

Recently I only washed my weave and hair with the product and left my scalp untreated so that I will treat it today. I loved the scent of the product because I’ve come across products which have terrible smells that just turn you away. It also has coconut milk and aloe which have great benefits to hair. Below is short list of what coconut milk and aloe vera can do to your hair.

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Aloe vera benefits

  • Calms an itchy scalp
  • Deep cleans oily hair
  • Strengthens and repairs hair strands
  • Promotes hair growth

These are great benefits which would improve anyones hair. I hope this helped and you had a great read or got inspired to do more on your wash day,be more dedicated and treat your hair with tender love and care. Happy hair growing and stay blessed. Share this post if you found this helpful…… till my next post …

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