new year, good hair, long hair goals,

Happy new year and compliments of the new season. Most say new year new things and its true. Apart from other resolutions set for this year I  also take pride in setting some goals for my hair and well being in general. There is obviously that area that you did not do well in but a new year is a new beginning. So today I have set some resolutions of what  to achieve concerning  hair health, beauty and wellness. Continue reading “new year, good hair, long hair goals,”

Wig regimen can save your hair if done right.. 

So I noticed a lot of women find comfort in owning as many wigs as possible for versatility. I’ve always been skeptical now I’ve joined the family because I want to have a better access to my hair than I have with weaves.

In this post I’m going to explore all the good things about owning a wig and how to use this wig correctly without damaging the hairline. Continue reading “Wig regimen can save your hair if done right.. “