Apple cider vinegar… the gift that keeps on giving. 

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient that can be used in various areas.  This includes hair, improvement in health, weight and skin.

Personally, I’ve incorporated it into my routines to just see where it will take me and if I get any good results from it. So first area that I tried it was in my hair..  unfortunately it didn’t work. I made a mistake of not diluting it so the concentration was too powerful for my hair and it was just a huge mess that I can’t even share that experience.


  • I didn’t give up though so I moved to trying   it on my skin. It is popular as a cure for acne as well so I thought it would be great to have a natural product for my acne..  fortunately this time it worked. I followed the directions well. It is great for the skin as it tightens skin and reduces acne breakouts as well as blemishes.
  •  I diluted it with water on a ratio of 1:4. Poured in a clean spray bottle and used it as a facial toner.
  •  A great tip is to let it air dry then just go over with a facial wipe before moisturising or applying any facial cream of your choice.
  • Also use one that has not been tempered with or refined. You want it to be most close to its natural state as possible to get all the benefits. Some even claim to use the one that still has the pulp.

You may feel a tingle when you apply it on open sores but its ok  your face is not burning.

Detoxes the body

So after my great results using it on my skin I started consuming it as a detox and well in a space of ten minutes you can start feeling that something is definetly going on in your tummy which is great knowing that its really working. You may feel a bit gasy lol. But as long as the job is getting done it shouldn’t be an issue. I  also diluted it with water because honestly drinking it straight is close to impossible as it is very strong drink. This works as a flat tummy water, generally it will cleanse your digestive system and flush harmful toxins in the body because it contains anti bacterial and antimicrobial properties so if you are watching your weight especially in targeted areas like your tummy . This is a go to..

It has a lot more uses which  im still to try out but so far so good. Please note that everything in this post is based on personal experience because results may differ but make sure you follow the directions correctly which is to dilute it. Apart from that, I hope I helped some weight watchers and also those searching for natural methods to cure acne.

Stay blessed ….

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