6 month trial for virgin hair fertilizer and good growth…..

Hey there, I have decided its time to judge this product in depth as I have been using it for the past 6 months. This is definetly a decent amount of time to have noticed the pros and cons of a product though I was very quick to see good results and decided to share them right away. 

About the product

So generally this product is made in Nigeria to those who did not know. It is packed in a thin metal packaging and comes in different sizes from extremely small to a much bigger tube. If you see it in a hair store you are more probably going to pass it because it doesnt draw your attention at all.  But don’t judge a book hy.


  • It is written on the product that it is for rapid hair growth and I’d like to say that it definetly is.. get your hair done  get a weave get braids or whatever that suits your preference and take it off after a decent period you will definetly see a change. If that doesn’t happen then its not a big deal because it just means its not the product for you and you should keep searching. Here is sonething that might motivate you., my hair is the worst it is very sensitive to harsh products and doesnt respond well either which is why I was pretty shocked to find that it actually gave a good response in a short time also.
  • Another thing is the soothing effect from its peppermint content. I personally love it, I can feel every breeze and aghhhh its just so relaxing. Its a bonus that it also lasts for long.
  • Its promises don’t lie. It also conditions your hair and if you are transitioning or are struggling with hair that is difficult this will definetly ease the process. I loved the feeling of my comb gliding through with no hustles because it is something I only experienced with relaxed hair. It was also hard for me to find a natural product that can soften my hair so this came as a bonus though I will still continue on the journey to find a natural oil or product that will soften my hair.
  • No consistency required. In fact, I decided to use this method where I only apply it two weeks before I take down a hairstyle because I start noticing my hair already loosening up from the scalp which is a sign of growth. I mean, I know I want the growth but there is no way I would take down a hairstyle after just two weeks so to sustain it I will only apply it during the last two weeks so that way I wont have to stress about applying it all the time and being consistent.
  • I put a picture to show my earliest results and the thickness just proves how the product changed my hair.Cons
  • It is a grease. From what I know grease is not a good ingredient because it does not absorb well in your scalp so the product ends up building up and aghhh it’s just not good. For that reason I decided to only use this product for this period of time and then move on to better I hope. I can’t have a strict regimen with this product because it breaks the rules to keeping it natural and free from harmful products. But if you can move past the greasy content it will be quite an experience because the hair does improve its texture thickness and feel in general. 
  • It has what I would call a poor packaging. The metal tube just breaks in random places even in the mid section of the tube. You end up with a tube that is so confusing because the product is coming out from the normal opening and also from tiny holes all around the tube.
  • It has been reported that there is a fake product. This is a con but to me it means that the product must be that good for people to start recreating it.  But you should just check if your tube can unfold at the bottom, is sealed and has a five year expiration term.

So with that said, I hope this was a better review . The picture I put up marks the end of my journey with this product. Hope it helped you and that you will know if you should buy it if you were to come across it. So I am just going to leave it at that.  Im already sampling another product so be on the lookout for more product reviews. I keep it honest to help you with a smooth buy and good result.

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Stay blessed and happy hair growing……

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